I could call this crochet mini skirt a never-ending project, but I finished it! I probably spent more time on this one, than on maxi and midi all together, lol! No, this crochet mini skirt is not difficult at all, it is just something in me, that did not want, and could not dedicate to it the same amount of time or attention.

It is funny to remember how happy I was when I finished it!!! Then the happiness almost duplicated (or triplicated?!) when I tried it on and I LOVED it!!! I was SO HAPPY that I did not abandon this crochet mini skirt and kept on, I just love! It is so easy to wear on the everyday basis or for something special, changing shoes and tops.

My intention is never to replicate in 100% the inspirational photo, but the idea, the idea that talked to me. I wanted the skirt to have the more romantic appearance, I chose the softer golden tone of the yarn and smaller crochet hook, so I could create a more feminine, soft and elegant crochet mini skirt.



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