I never liked maxi skirts, and especially never planned to crochet maxi skirt until…I actually have no idea what happened to change my mind, but here I am in a crochet maxi skirt offering you a free pattern for it)

Was it fast? Yes! Was it easy? Yes! Was it fun? Oh, yes! I loved the process from start to the end and want to repeat this skirt in another color, and maybe not only once 😉 I am very open to color suggestions! Leave yours in the comments I’ll be very grateful!

This skirt is an inspiration from one I’ve seen in a magazine. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve probably heard that story that I decided to learn to crochet because of I was crazy about Oscar de la Renta’s crochet summer dress. Looks like this never went away and all my inspiration come from catwalk or magazines.



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All the information on how to crochet this skirt in Crochet Skirt Bootcamp. And there you will find more than this, the course is structured in such way, that you will not only know how to crochet this skirt, you will be able to crochet any similar skirts in the future with ease. All steps in great details and all questions answered.




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