I’ve knitted this dress maybe 2 years ago or something..I used crochet hook number 2,75, lol! It is a thickest crochet I have ever used to knit clothes..I own number 3, but it’s untouched since I bought it.

It’s totally and completely inspired by Victoria Secret Dress I’ve seen, saved photo, but can’t find it now.. Since I started sewing I actually can’t find many things knitting related..

After publishing the video of the dresses, I received questions about the patterns. I don’t have anything drawn, ready to share. My creative process is a little messy, I had pieces of papers where I used note and then, they were dissapearing…so, as we are entering to winter, I don’t think anybody is interested in summer crochet dresses right now, so I was thinking to draw some patterns closer to spring and make it available for subscribers. Is it ok for you?

So this dress. I love the colour so much! It’s orangy salmon or peachy, however you can call it I love it and when I get a little bit tanned it looks so beautifully against skin!) It’s pure cotton,,and pretty thick, but I don’t feel that much difference when wearing 😉 Anyway, I think I would use crochet 2,5 (or less) for the next one 🙂 It’s very easy and fast to make dress!

If you haven’t seen yet, here is some action 😉



Victoria Secret Inspired

Crochet Dress

by me


Kate Spade bag

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

Turquoise Earrings / Necklace are from local shop



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