I strongly believe that through making our clothes with our own hands, we can express ourselves freely, we can awaken our inner artist, and we can embrace what we really are: intelligent, motivated, passionate and gorgeous women.

My intention with this blog is to show you that you can accomplish whatever you want. We will undertake a fabulous and endless journey that will make you rediscover your inspired, elegant, and fashionable side.

Valeria Speck

Hi! I’m Valeria. You are probably on this blog because you love sewing or knitting. And I am totally passionate about those too!

I started knitting at school, it was an obligation, but pretty interesting one, right? I stopped when it was no longer necessary. But moving to Spain in my twenties woke up that passion for crochet. I taught myself by watching, observing and trying/failing.

I started being super dependant on crochet from 2010, I just couldn’t watch a movie without crochet hook and yarn in my hands, lol! Many times missing the point of the movie or not knowing how the face of the main character looks like)) I loved crochet!
Then life happened and I stopped…2015-2016 I did not crochet anymore.

I started sewing in 2016. I always hated sewing. lol, yeah you read it right, I hated everything about sewing. Maybe because you need to be too exact about cutting, or…I do not know! I definitely was not understand something. But! I wanted to learn it because I wanted to have high-quality slips for my crochet dresses. I bought a sewing machine in 2014-2015 and made it wait for me until 2016. 

I was ready!

I knew something about sewing, it was obligatory to learn at school. It looks like I enjoy making something with my hands as long as it challenges me, lol, so my first make was pants for my hubby, then I moved to shirt and jersey top for myself…Well, as you can guess I never stopped challenging myself.

In 2016 I was sewing only patterns, but my hubby was annoying repeating to me that I could make patterns by myself. I did not believe him. But I knew that he knew that part of myself which I was always ignoring or not believing in.

In 2017 I, with a lot of fear, gave myself an opportunity to try and learn some patternmaking. OMG, I needed to listen to my hubby in 2016! lol! He was so right!!! Patternmaking is easy!

I think the problem is that sewing is presented to be super complicated as if you need to know so much to sew a shirt. Well, let me tell you, you DO NOT! And patternmaking is like, you need to be a god to draw a pattern. lol, It is easy as long as you understand it!)) And if I could, you can too!

In 2017 I also was learning Haute Couture, mostly learning and not practicing)) I’ll say something here, maybe some will hate me for it, but it is not difficult!)) It is not scary, it is a very natural way of sewing. Especially sewing at home, for you and maybe some members of your family who behaves well)

In 2017 I came back to crochet! Yay! And for this, I want to thank you guys, after I published this post I got so many emails, questions, and support from you that it made me come back. And I decided not only to come back to crochet, but come back with a course for you, to show you that crochet is also easy, and you can learn it and crochet anything you feel like.

Sewing taught me a lot! And it made me a better knitter, I know more about clothes structure, beautiful fit and finish of the garment than I knew before sewing. I shared everything I know about it in my course Crochet Skirt Bootcamp.

The only thing that sewing did not help, is with my patience, I want to finish my crochet garment super fast now) lol

In 2018 I am moving to practice Haute Couture and patternmaking as much as I possibly can.

In 2018 I am getting even crazier about crochet and especially about crochet skirts, you will see!